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Selection Criteria / Addressing Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria / Addressing Selection Criteria
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If you are applying for a position within the public sector such as a Council or Government Department, it is essential you provide a statement with your response to their Key Selection Criteria.

Addressing and preparing a Key Selection Criteria document can be somewhat daunting, particularly after reading the lengthy, position description document provided, crammed full of jargon and complex language. Once you are sure you meet the listed Selection Criteria, you will need to allow at least 4-5 working days for us to complete the Selection Criteria.

It is imperative each criterion is addressed correctly, with demonstrating examples of experience and knowledge, using the STAR or SAO method. (STAR = Situation, Task, Approach and Result SAO = Situation, Action and Outcome)

When purchasing the selection criteria it is strongly recommended that you purchase an appropriate Resume package. As your success will be significantly compromised if the content and writing standard of your resume is not of the same quality as the selection criteria.

You need to provide Resumes That Work with an example/s of how you meet each criterion along with the Position Description and a copy of your resume. The example should be one which describes a specific situation in detail, using the above formula.

Providing general information about your career history or skills will not be as effective or successful as the above formula. For example a common criterion asks for "Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills." An incorrect way of answering would be "I have well developed communication and interpersonal skills as I liaise with everyone within my workplace and can communicate with people at all levels" This appears to be an answer, but it is not. It is a general statement which does not showcase your actual ability or would not help a prospective employer determine if you were a better candidate than any other applicant therefore will not get you short listed.

A more appropriate example would be: "In 2005 whilst working for XYZ Pty Ltd as an Order Selection Administrator, the newly installed computer system failed. I used my initiative in communicating with others and organising a temporary solution in order to process over 200 store orders in time and ensure stock could be delivered. This meant I had to contact all 200 stores in order to submit their order earlier than scheduled. I then arranged for 150-200 warehousing staff to commence work, eradicating down time and enabling stock to be despatched in a timely manner. To complete this project I also needed to liaise with senior management for coordination purposes, and rearranged transportation and so dealt with staff at the various contracted transport companies. This was a successful project, as I helped to achieve standard production output despite possible delays and an order/delivery crisis due to computer failure. "

Once payment has been received and we have received your examples, our Resume and Selection Criteria Writer will contact you to request any other information needed during the writing process. A first draft will be emailed to you so that you can review and request, if any, changes or amendments. Amendments are then processed and forwarded back to you for review. This package allows for up to 2 drafts.

This cost includes rewording of information provided by customer, assessing it for effectiveness, gaining any further pertinent information needed from the client and drafting and redrafting of the document until effective and polished responses have been created.

The package includes consultation time, gathering information needed, formulation of individual questions as needed, writing, assessing, editing and re-analysing customer's individual background, highlights, achievements and career.

A professional selection criteria that is well-written contains essential demonstrated experience information about you and it adequately represents your capabilities as a professional. It must completely represent your professional capabilities and your relevant experience. If your selection criteria is not well written with the right content, chances are that your application for the job may not even pass the initial stage. As a matter of fact, most of the self-written selection criteria are not up to the mark and do not contain anything that can attract an employer. Thus, a professional Selection Criteria Writing service is a must, to give you the best chance of getting that interview.

Don't waste job opportunities with a mediocre Selection Criteria. If you have the ability or desire to change your career path for something you deserve, then take up our professional writing services to have your selection criteria prepared where we can bring out the best of your capabilities by presenting it in powerful ways.

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