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Professional/Trade Resume Package

Professional/Trade Resume Package
$250.00 each

Cover Letter
Thank You/Follow-Up Letter

For Professionals and/or Trades people within the public or private sector.

This package is designed for those who are in professional fields, and trades, but not in a supervisory position, such as sales, retail, administration, accounting, teaching, construction, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, nursing or aged care etc.

This is the most common resume writing service requested as it covers a multitude of industries including administration, nursing, clerical, sales, teaching, customer service and many more.

Choose this package if:

  • You have been employed in the workforce for more than three years
  • You would like to better showcase your skills and achievements in a particular field
  • You need to consolidate your skills and experience to better target your desired job
  • You are changing industries or career paths

The package covers consultation time (either by phone/email or in person), information gathering, writing, assessing, editing and reassessing your career experience, achievements and background and professional education. This information is read, assessed and any further questions needed where more clarification is needed, which can take hours. Upon completion you will be presented with a polished professional document.

This package also includes a copy of Tracey's latest interview tips e-book, "Successful Interview Tips". Whether you haven't had much experience in job interviews, have had jobs land on your lap, have been in the same job for many years or been your own boss in your own business thus out of touch with job interviews, this will assist you to be fully prepared and not stumble or hesitate on how to best answer interview questions.

A professional resume that is well-written contains essential information about you and it adequately represents your capability as a professional. As a resume is the first step towards a successful career, it should be, concise, flawless and complete. It must completely represent your professional capabilities and your relevant experience. If your resume is not attractive and well written with the right content, chances are that your application for the job may not even pass the initial stage. As a matter of fact, most of the self-written resumes are not up to the mark and do not contain anything that can attract an employer. Thus, a professional Resume Writing service is a must to give you the best chance of getting that interview.

Don't waste job opportunities with a mediocre resume. If you have the ability or desire to change your career path for something you deserve, then take up our professional writing services to have your resume redesigned where we can bring out the best of your capabilities by presenting it in powerful ways.


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