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Q: Why should I use Resumes That Work to create my resume?

A: A professionally written resume focuses on how the information is communicated. We emphasis on the format, language/grammar, areas to highlight and what not to highlight.

Q: Why shouldn't I write my own resume?

A: Employers & HR Personnel are looking for certain key points and will skim through the many resumes received to find these key points. If they aren't there or clouded amongst other irrelevant information - your resume may end up in the bin. Our resume writing service ensures that we obtain the relevant information so that the key points are showcased within your resume.

Q: Do you specialise in my field?

A: We specialise in resume writing, not just one particular industry. We have written resumes for nurses, police, sales, personal assistants, clerks, administrators, directors, project managers and many more. Our objective is to write a resume that emphasises your attributes and showcases your skills, whatever they may be.

Q: How does Resumes That Work get my information?

A: We collect as much information as possible through our on line form, over the phone or, providing the distance is not too far you can book an appointment for a one on one consultation.

Q: I'm being encouraged to apply for a promotion at work. Surely I don't need a professional resume?

A: Your boss may think you’re a perfect candidate for the position, but if they think there were other possible candidates out there, they wouldn't have created a job selection process. Your boss may not be the only one assessing your resume. A Human Resources Manger or a contracted HR team may play this role. If you are being put forward for a job that's great - it means you have a good chance of getting it, but you still need to show that you want the job enough to put a real effort into the selection process.

Q: I have written my own resume but I'm not confident with it and would like to get it done professionally as I know it will give me a better chance at getting my dream job - but why should I pay hundreds of dollars ?

A: A professionally written resume is an investment in your future career and how much you spend is relative to how successful you will be. A well written resume can't be composed in 40-50 minutes. Time and effort has to go into the research, formatting, language of a professionally written resume to ensure that it stands out from your competitors.

Getting your resume professionally written can open doors for you that previously seemed out of reach. See testimonial written by Wayne Lording... Such a resume can mean the difference between a "We are sorry to inform you that you have been unsuccessful" letter or a "We are pleased to offer you an interview" letter. You need to ask yourself if you feel the investment is worth the outcome.

Q: How long does the process take – When will my Resume to be ready?

A: As we are usually booked in advance, 2-3 working days although depending on workload this may be quicker. We recommend you contact our office if a faster turnaround is required to discuss possible arrangements. Resumes That Work has never missed a deadline.

Q: What is the Cost?

A: The cost will depend on your individual situation such as how long you have been in the work force, however all resume packages start from $175. Please see the Services page for details on packages and prices.