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Resumes That Work - Company Profile

Tracey Poskitt formed Resumes That Work in 2005 and has rapidly grown from then, servicing clients nationwide. Tracey has worked in many different fields and industries in positions ranging from the bottom to the top. Tracey is trained in Human Resources, Business Management, Grammar and Communication, Basics of Organising, Communication in the Workplace, Coaching and Mentoring, Targets and Goals, Investigations, Fundamentals of Public Relations, Conflict Resolution along with extensive career development techniques, assessments tools and counselling skills.

Tracey's training and qualifications enable her to fully understand and appreciate the recruitment industry and its numerous demands. Tracey's background includes HR and Recruitment, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Drug Rehabilitation, Child Care Specialist, Communication and Logistics Management, Accounts and Staff Management just to name a few.

Tracey's passion is to help others achieve their goals and to become successful. Tracey has met so many people over the years that have said that they don't enjoy their job, but do it because it pays the bills. In hearing this statement over and over, wanted to make a change and help people achieve their goals. Tracey gains satisfaction through helping others to seek and attain their dream job where they not only get well paid but enjoy being at work and reach their career potential successfully.

Today we are growing offices in all of Australia's major cities.